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    Small Single Door Hot Air Food Drying Oven

    Single door drying oven adopts circulating hot air to dry various kinds of food, such as fruit, vegetable, meat, etc. High heat efficiency, saving energy, multiple heat sources for your choice.

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    Double-door Hot Air Food Drying Oven

    Characterized by successful design & utilization of advanced technology, hot air circulation dryer machine is widely used for dehydration in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, heavy industry, etc..

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    Large Industrial Food Drying Machine

    Large industrial hot air drying machine is the professional drying machine to remove material moisture quickly at a temperature that does not affect the flavor, texture, and color of food seriously.

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    Multi-layer Belt Food Drying Machine

    Belt food drying machine is a continuous penetrating flow dryer which can be used in many fields, such as food industry, pharmaceutical or chemical industry. With perfect performance and a reasonable price.

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What We Do

  • industrial food drying machine for sale
  • mesh belt food drying machine with factory price
  • microwave food drying machine with low cost

As a leading expert in manufacturing food drying machines, and own excellent quality management team, professional research team and skilled production workers to ensure consistent product quality, we always strive for improvement and aim to provide the best machines and service to our customers.
Our team skilfully combines the domestic and foreign advanced technology and experience and devotes ourselves to drying equipment design, production, sales, installation and after-sales service in accordance with relevant regulations and criteria, which greatly ensures product quality. In the development and research of drying machines, we work with continuous innovation and improvement to design and manufacture a series of drying products characterized by advanced technology and energy saving. These drying machines are widely employed in many industries like chemical industry, light industry, food, the pharmaceutical industry and etc..

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Drying Solutions

  • How to Dry Chilies by Hot Air Circulation Oven

    How to Dry Chilies by Hot Air Circulation Oven

    Drying chilli is a great way to enable you to keep them for a long time. Amisy can offer you chilli drying machines to produce dried chillies, unbeatable price, high quality and easy operation.

  • How to Choose a Suitable Drying Machine

    How to Choose a Suitable Drying Machine

    There are countless manufacturers and suppliers of drying ovens in the market. Here are some suggestions to help customers choose a suitable drying oven and some tips for how to install and maintain food dryer.

  • Analysis of Industrial Papaya Drying

    Analysis of Industrial Papaya Drying

    Papaya is very suitable for drying, and dried papaya retains delicious taste and its nutritive value. There are some kinds of processing methods for dried papayas, and the analysis of different processes has been shown.

  • Fish Drying in Bangladesh

    Fish Drying in Bangladesh

    Microwave drying machine can remain fish drying at a stable temperature and achieve high-quality drying effect. Though microwave dryer is more expensive than the simple equipment in sun drying, it is more profitable for Bangladesh fish drying.

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