Double-door Hot Air Food Drying Oven

//Double-door Hot Air Food Drying Oven

Hot Air Circulation Food Drying Oven Introduction

Double-door hot air food drying oven, as the name implies, is featured with two doors and has larger drying capacity. So double-door food drying oven is more efficient than small single door hot air food drying oven. As one of the general drying equipment, double-door food dryer machine also adopts hot air circulation with high temperature resistant axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system. Most hot air is circled inside the oven, and the drying process in hot air drying machine is high heat efficiency and energy saving. Characterized by successful design and the application of advanced technology, hot air dryer machine with double-door is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, heavy industry and heat curing, drying dehydration of product and etc..

CE approved electrical food drying oven

Features of Hot Air Circulation Food Drying Oven

♦ Use of forced ventilation effect, equipped with adjustable air distributing plate and uniform drying.
♦ Most of the hot air circulate in the chamber and the hot air system designed to hold in heat as well as bring a reduction in energy output.
♦ The heat source can be from steam and electricity. Comparing these two heating ways, we recommend electricity heating way which is more convenient and secure than steam heating way.
♦ Low noise, reliable and safe operation, temperature-controlled, easy installation and maintenance.
♦ Made of high-quality material: stainless steel.
♦ Wide application: a variety of materials can be dried like vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushroom, sea cucumber and etc..

Structure of Hot Air Food Drying Machine

This hot air food drying oven, also called electrothermal blowing dry box, is composed of angle iron, stainless steel plates, and heater. The hot air circulating system is composed of a cyclone separator, air blower, air filter, and heater. It uses steam or electricity to heat air which then dries materials circularly.

details of commercial food drying machine

Working Principle of Food Dryer Machine

The biggest characteristic of the hot air drying machine is that the hot air circulates inside the oven and the whole circulating process is closed, thus enhancing heat transfer and energy saving. When the hot air reaches the top of the chamber it is circulated back to bottom by a fan installed inside the chamber and hence the optimum amount of heat is achieved gradually inside the hot air oven. Fresh air from inlet supplement, waste heat discharged from the exhaust vent, constantly added fresh air and continuously discharging hot and humid air. As a result, hot air circulating oven can maintain appropriate humidity and reduce the temperature difference inside the cabinet. Thus, the materials drying process might be in good state.

working principle of hot air food dryer machine

Multiple Applications of Hot Air Food Drying Oven

1. Hot air circulating oven is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, and light industries. It can be used in heating and drying raw materials, Chinese traditional medicines, powders, granules, vegetables, etc.
2. Air circulation oven is also adapted for curing ink and drying paint film. It is widely used in the precise drying of electron components, electroplated products, plastics, metals, PC boards, glass, building materials, etc.

wide applications of double door hot air drying machine

Technical Parameters of Hot Air Food Drying Machine

Capacity of each batch
Power of Fan
Consumption of steam
Total Power
Thermal area
Air volume
Temperature used
Quantity of trays
Overall Dimension(mm)
Baking vehicles

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