Large Industrial Food Drying Machine

//Large Industrial Food Drying Machine

Industrial Food Drying Machine Introduction

This industrial food drying machine is the professional machine to remove material moisture as quickly as possible at a temperature that does not seriously affect the flavor, texture, and color of the food. Moreover, our hot air drying machines belong to CT-C hot air circulation drying oven, which is formed based on the multiple modifications of CT series. The CT-C oven is featured with axial flow fan, automatic constant temperature control system, and equipped with computer control system for selection. There are three types of hot air circulating machines offered by us: single door hot air oven, double door hot air oven, and large hot air dryer machine. Different from the single door and double-door hot air drying machines, large hot air drying machine, featured with more baking vehicles, is suitable for large-scale material drying production.

large hot air food dehydrating machine

Spotlights of Large Hot Air Circulation Food Drying Oven

♦ Reliable and safe operation due to forced ventilation effect, in which there is an adjustable wind board.
♦ Air inlet is equipped with highly efficient air filter and the exhaust event is equipped with medium efficient air filter.
♦ Drying tray made of stainless steel, easy moving, durable and convenient to clean.
♦ Low noise, reliable and safe operation, temperature-controlled, easy installation and maintenance.
♦ Baking timer per batch: 4-6 hours per batch according to different materials.
♦ Wide application: a variety of materials can be dried like vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushroom and etc..

dried food made by large food dryer machine

Characteristics of Hot Air Food Drying Machine

Most hot air is circulated in the oven so that heat efficiency is high and the energy is saved. There are adjustable air distribution plates inside the oven. By using the forced ventilation function, the materials can be dried uniformly. The heating source might be steam and electricity. It is a versatile drying equipment that can be used for drying various materials. When you utilize the drying machine, please notice the following tips:
1. When the machine starts to work, if the temperature is too low in the beginning, microorganisms may survive and even grow before the food is adequately dried. If the temperature is too high and the humidity too low, the food may harden on the surface. This makes it more difficult for moisture to escape and the food does not dry properly. So in the drying process, you should pay attention to the temperature.
2. There should be sufficient space among materials on trays so that there is a uniform distribution of heat.

Food Nutritional Changes Occurred during Drying by Hot Air Drying Oven

dried fruits & dried meat fishes dehydrated by large food dehydrating machine
♦ Calorie content: does not change, but is concentrated into a smaller mass as moisture is removed.
♦ Fiber: no change.
♦ Vitamin A: fairly well retained under controlled heat methods.
♦ Vitamin C: mostly destroyed during drying of vegetables.
♦ Minerals: some may be lost.
♦ Iron: not be destroyed by drying.

Choose Suitable Plates of Hot Air Circulation Oven 

Oven plate also named oven tray is the significant part of hot air drying process. There are three types of plates provided by us. To choose the suitable one, the efficient drying and dehydration effect can be achieved.
1. Punched plate: modest permeability, suitable for particulate materials
2. Manual multi-square plate: good permeability, suitable for bar & slice materials and loose materials
3. Nonporous Plate: bad permeability, suitable for powder and liquid materials


Parameters of Large Industrial Hot Air Circulation Oven

Capacity of each batch
Power of Fan
Consumption of steam
Total Power
Thermal area
Air volume
Temperature used
Quantity of trays
Overall Dimension(mm)
Baking vehicles

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