Single Door Food Drying Oven

//Single Door Food Drying Oven

Small Single Door Food Dryer Machine Introduction

Small hot air food dryer machine is small drying equipment compared to double-door drying oven for drying fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, garlic, ginger, etc. The food in the small hot air food dryer machine is dried by the circulating hot air. The oven dryer adopts low noise, high temperature resistant axial flow fan to deliver air, an electric heater or radiator for heating the air. The fan motor drives the wind wheels after heated by the heater, the hot air is delivered into the drying room through the air duct. Used air is absorbed into the air duct and recirculates. By the constant replenishing of fresh air from the air inlet and discharging of wet and hot air from the humidity outlet, the suitable relative humidity in the heating oven is maintained. The whole circulation system is completely closed, having 35-45% thermal efficiency, while the highest efficiency can reach 70%, saving energy and increasing the economic benefit.

small hot air food dryer machine with factory price

Features of Small Hot Air Food Dryer Machine

1. Small dimensions, saving land area, mainly stainless steel constructed, hygiene and durable.
2. Most hot air is circulating in the oven, high heat efficiency, saving energy.
3. Using forced ventilation function to achieve temperature balance, the materials are dried evenly.
4. Multiple heat sources: steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, and electricity-steam dual-use.
5. Low noise, balanced operation, automatic temperature control, easy installation, and maintenance.

Wide Applications of Hot Air Circulation Oven

Hot air oven is a universal drying equipment which can dry various materials. It is suitable for the heating and drying of raw materials and products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, and heavy industry, etc. Such as:
1. Pharmaceutical industry: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, crude drug, Chinese medicinal decoction pieces, extracturm, powder, instant granules, watered pill, packing bottle, etc.
2. Chemical industry: pigment, dyestuff.
3. Food industry: vegetable, fruit, meat, fish, etc.
4. Light and heavy industries: plastic, resin, electric component, baking finish, etc.

dried vegetables fruits made by single door hot air dryer

How to Adjust the Temperature Difference in the Air Oven?

The oven utilizes forced ventilation function to reduce the temperature difference from top to bottom. You can adjust the air distribution plates before the operation to achieve the temperature balance. If the temperature is low, increase the gap between the wind guide blades near the point; if the temperature is high, reduce the gap. Continue adjusting till reaching the temperature balance. Once ready, there’s no need for readjustment.

structure of single door food dryer machine

Technical Instructions for Hot Air Drying Oven

1. Operating temperature: 50-140℃ for steam heating, max. 150℃; 50-350℃ for electricity and far infrared heating. If higher than 140℃ or lower than 60℃, please indicate. Automatic control system and computer control system for your selection.
2. Commonly used steam pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa(0.2-8kg/cm2).
3. We can customize the hot air dryer according to your special requirements.
4. Baking tray dimensions: 460*640*45mm.

Technical Parameters of Small Hot Air Food Drying Machine

Capacity of each batch
Power of Fan
Consumption of steam
Total Power
Thermal area
Air volume
Temperature used
Quantity of trays
Overall Dimension(mm)
Baking vehicles

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