Amisy Belt Dryer Machine for Food Drying


What is Food Belt Drying Machine

Belt dryer machine is a kind of common continuous drying machine. It is widely utilized in food dehydration plant. Especially it is suitable for drying sliced or cut vegetables and fruits. The belt dryer is also used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic industry and so on. Belt dryer is featured with high drying speed, strong evaporation strength, high quality and etc…For paste materials such as dehydrated filtering caky, they can also be dried after being granulated.
The belt dryer is generally a continuous convective belt dryer adopted advanced technology and premium making materials. A well-ventilated layer of product is put on a perforated plate belt conveyor and conveyed continuously through drying chambers. Sufficient heating exchange, fast drying speed, high evaporation. In these chambers, circulating air fans blow hot air through the product vertically. In this process, the circulating air is reheated after each product flow through the heat exchangers integrated into the dryer.

belt dryer machine

Priorities of Belt Dryer

1. Materials get slight vibration and shock from the belt dryer, so materials are not prone to be broken. This is for drying materials which are easily broken.
2. Besides drying food, the belt drying machine can also bake and cure food.
3. Belt drying machine is not complicated, so it is easy to be installed, and operate well for a long time. If the dryer malfunctions, it is easy to check and repair it.

Types of Belt Dryer Machine

1.Single stage belt dryer

Materials through feeding port are put on the belt evenly. The conveying belt is usually made of stainless steel plates, and its speed can be also adjusted. The drying chamber is divided into several units for better operation.

2. Multi-stage belt dryer

For multi-stage belt dryer machine, generally, there are three sets of equipment used in tandem: early drying stage, the mid-drying stage, and the final drying stage. In the early drying stage, vegetables are with high water content and bad permeability, so materials are put on the belt with a thin layer, going through a faster running belt and higher drying temperature. After the first stage, materials are getting dried with volume shrinkage. In the mid-drying stage, you can slow the belt speed down and improve the thickness of materials. In the final stage, further, slow down the belt speed. So it is complicated to control multi-stage belt dryer machine.

3. Multi-layer belt dryer machine

For multi-layer belt dryer, drying speed is slower and drying time is longer. The materials are dried evenly. Featured with little floor area and simple structure, multi-layer belt dryer can be widely applied in drying grains. Due to repeated loading and discharging, the dryer machine is not suitable for materials that are prone to be broken and easy to stick the belt conveyor.
In food drying process, adopting multi-layer belt dryer machines utilized can maximize the advantages of belt dryers for a better drying effect. Amisy belt drying machine is cost-effective and gets a favorite response from the buyers. Adjustable temperature makes Amisy belt dryer have the capacity to dry more raw materials. After drying processing, the water content can reach 10% or less. But the quality of raw material isn’t damaged.
belt food drying machine

Advantages of Multi-layer Belt Drying Machine

1. The insulation boards of multilayer belt dryer are knocked-down, so it is very convenient to recycle the food which has fallen down on the multilayer belt dryer’s layer.
2. Amisy multi-layer belt dryer is fully automatic. You can adjust the electrical cabinets to control the water content and temperature to demand your requirements.
3. The speed of the mesh belt is constant to keep the final material drying highly uniform.
4. Multi-layer belt type dryer is featured with low labor invest. The operation of dyer can be done by just one worker. Moreover, with specialized and compact design, our belt dryer has less occupied area.
5. Multi-layer dryer machine can reduce power consumption. All working processes are in the closed environment to lower the heat loss.
6. We are the professional dryer manufacturer. We have much experience in drying machine production and have done lots of tests to ensure there is less mechanical failure.
Amisy multi-layer belt drying machine is a stable and continuous dryer equipment, and we have a good operation with many customers all over the world. It can be used in light industry, chemical industry, medicine, grain, salt, plastics and other industry. With high quality, competitive price and good service, Amisy can offer you helpful information and premium machines!

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