How to Make Dried Meat by Microwave Meat Dryer Machine

//How to Make Dried Meat by Microwave Meat Dryer Machine

Dried meat, commonly called jerky, is the product made from almost any lean meat including beef, pork, venison or smoked turkey breast. Meat drying is the process of removing water or moisture from the meat product. Removing moisture from meat makes them smaller and lighter. So it is a handy food, ideal for backpackers, campers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Moreover, meat drying is also a way to preserve seasonal foods for later use, and in a more concentrated form, dried meat can also be transported in ordinary non-refrigerated ships. Thereby there has been increased interest and demand for dried meat in international markets. Then how to make dried meat? Is there any meat dryer machine for drying meat effectively?

how to make dried meat
I. How to Make Dried Meat?

There are three methods in terms of how to make dried meat: drying under the sun, drying by food dehydrator or by food drying oven.

1. Sun drying

The traditional drying method is sun drying with direct solar radiation and natural air circulation on the product. They are spread on drying trays, exposure to contamination from sources such as dirt, wind, rain, insects, rodents, and birds. Moreover, the temperature of drying cannot be controlled to reach better drying effect. So it is not advisable to make dried meat by sun drying.

2. Meat dehydrator

Electric dehydrators take less time to dry foods and are more cost-efficient than an oven. But it is suitable for homemade meat drying.

microwave meat drying equipment microwave jerky dryer machine workflow

3. Drying Oven

Drying oven is suitable for medium and large-scale food drying, and food drying machines can help you easily get high quality dried food. We can offer three kinds of food drying machines: microwave drying machine, hot air circulation drying oven and belt drying machine. Microwave drying machine is the ideal meat drying equipment. Microwave heating is a direct heating method. It can save drying time and avoid the raw material becoming metamorphism or coking at the overheated environment, which highly improves the work efficiency.

II. How to Dry Meat by Microwave Meat Dryer Machine

1. Preparing the Meat

Before knowing how to dry meat, the first question is which meat is suitable for drying. It is recommended to use lean meat only. You’d better choose beef, buffalo, goat and certain game meats. It also applies to the meat of livestock used in certain areas for meat production, like camels or yaks.
Please notice that pork is not suitable, although it is from very lean muscle parts. Because pork contains lots of intermuscular and mostly invisible intramuscular fat, which is prone to oxidation and hence becomes quickly rancid.

2. Slice the Meat

Now you choose the right meat, you need to cut it for better effect. The thickness of the meat slices will make a difference in drying effect. Slice meat no thicker than ¼ inch. Trim and put away all fat from meat because it becomes rancid quickly.

3. Meat Drying in the Jerkey Dryer Machine

Here is the ultimate answer for how to dry meat. Put meat slice on the drying belt of the meat drying equipment and turn on the meat dryer machine. By microwave energy permeation, the inner moisture of the meat is quickly heated and gasified, forming a strong outward diffusion situation, making the moisture extremely quickly spread to the surface, then the meat is dried quickly in the jerky dryer machine.

how to dry meat by microwave meat dryer machine
III. Maintenance of Microwave Meat Drying Equipment

Since the best solution to how to make dried meat is by microwave meat dryer machine, it’s necessary to know how to maintain the microwave drying equipment.

1. Clean in time

Based on the workshop environment, the worker can plan to clean parts of the jerky dryer machine. The magnetron and transformer as heating appliances should gradually dissipate heat on their own. If there are lots of dust on them, heat dissipation effect will be bad. So the magnetron and transformer should be cleaned in time.

2. Keep the workshop dry

The electric parts of the microwave jerky dryer machine are made of metals. If the workshop is with high humidity, the surface of metal electrical will be wet, which will destroy the microwave meat drying equipment.

3. Debris removal

Open the inspection window regularly to remove the debris in the jerky dryer machine because the debris will affect the machine’s working efficiency.

4. Professional worker

The microwave meat dryer machine should be operated by a professional worker. A professional worker can highly improve the machine’s service life.


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